Role of European Mobility and its Impacts in Narratives, Debates and EU Reforms (REMINDER): Media Practices (SUF edition)


Full edition for scientific use. The dataset contains the raw findings of a series of semi-structured interviews (focus groups and one-one-one conversations) with 221 media practitioners (journalists) and sources (organisation’s spokespeople) in an economic, geographical and cultural cross-section of the EU: Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK. The survey was designed to analyse if, and how, differences in the cultures, objectives, and pressures in different news-generating and news-producing environments in EU countries affect the choices of news items reported, and narratives generated, about the subject of migration and intra-EU mobility. Interviews were supplemented by a written questionnaire, and an open (non-representative) online survey was also undertaken. In each of the targeted EU Member States, the size and composition of the sample was adjusted to reflect the size and composition of the media in the specific country. The specific media outlets and sources chosen to participate varied from country to country and were selected based on the country’s population, their audience reach, and an assessment by local media analysts of their influence in media debates about migration in the countries in which they operate.

Non-probability: Purposive

Face-to-face interview; Focus group; Self-administered questionnaire: Web-based

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Creator Bajomi-Lázár, Péter; Karstens, Eric; Kužnik, Barbara; McNeil, Robert
Publisher AUSSDA; The Austrian Social Science Data Archive
Publication Year 2019
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Spatial Coverage Germany; Hungary; Italy; Poland; Romania; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; United Kingdom