Experimental Data to the publication "Open- and Closed-Loop Recycling: Highly Active Zinc Bisguanidine Polymerization Catalyst for the Depolymerization of Polyesters"


NMR spectroscopic data, GPC data, kinetic data and data for the determination of the activation energy, activation enthalpy and the activation entropy via an Eyring plot for the depolymerisation activity of polylactide, catalyst recycling, scale-up experiments and solvent-free alcoholysis of a non toxic Zn catalyst were deposited.

Bruker Avance II (400 MHz)

Bruker Avance III (400 MHz)

GPCmax VE-2001 from Viscotek: two Malvern Vicotek T columns (porous styrene divinylbenzene copolymer) with a maximum pore size of 500 and 5000 Å, a refractive index detectort (VE-3580), and a viscosimeter (Vircotek 270 Dual Detector)

DOI https://doi.org/10.22000/yYqTQhZNrPZhSHyL
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Publication Year 2024
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