Commissioning: 3D Neutron Diffraction Imaging (3DND) on IMAT


We wish to perform a commissioning experiment on IMAT to show the capability of the instrument for diffraction imaging. For the IMAT experiment, the selected iron sample has a cylindrical shape with diameter and height of 5 mm. This sample has already been measured at RADEN at J-PARC, and the ESS test beamline at HZB. Consequently, there’s an opportunity to conduct a round-robin study for comparison of the different sources and instruments.

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Creator Dr Søren Schmidt; Dr Winfried Kockelmann; Dr Daniel Pooley; Mr Peter Kadletz; Dr Morten Sales
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2021
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Discipline Photon- and Neutron Geosciences
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