TemBi 2014 mesocosm study: Summer storm impact on size-fractionated bacterial protein production and abundance of heterotrophic prokaryotes and picocyanobacteria


We simulated an experimental summer storm in large-volume (~1200 m3, ~16m depth) enclosures in Lake Stechlin (https://www.lake-lab.de) by mixing deeper water masses from the meta- and hypolimnion into the mixed layer (epilimnion). The mixing included the disturbance of a deep chlorophyll maximum (DCM) which was present at the same time of the experiment in Lake Stechlin and situated in the metalimnion of each enclosure during filling. Size-fractionated Bacterial Protein Production (BPP) of particle associated (PA, >3.0 µm) and free-living bacteria (FL, 0.2-3.0 µm) (14C-Leu incorporation) as well as abundances of PA (microscopy of DAPI stained cells on 3.0 µm polycarbonate filters) and FL heterotrophic prokaryotes and picocyanobacteria (flow cytometry of SYBR green I stained cells) were monitored for 42 days after the experimental disturbance event. Mixing increased bacterial abundance and production about 3 weeks after mixing, which was associated to a mixing-induced stimulation of phytoplankton growth in the mixed enclosures compared to the controls. Simultaneously, decreased abundances of picocyanobacteria could be observed in mixed enclosures.

Empty cells = NAFurther Project information: Core Facility grant; Award: GE 1775/2-1

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