AThEME Verona-Trento Corpus


The AThEME Verona-Trento Corpus is a spoken corpus composed of data collected during the AThEME project in Work Package 2 ‘Regional Languages’ by the units of Verona and Trento for minority languages and dialects spoken in the area between Innsbruck and the Po Valley (Tyrolean, Trentino, Fodom Ladin, Fassan Ladin, Mòcheno, Cimbrian, and Venetan). The corpus also contains data on the Germanic minority languages Timavese (PRIN 2017) and Saurano. The corpus contains audio recordings and partial transcriptions of the responses to a phonological questionnaire (topics: obstruents, final devoicing, s-retraction, realization of /r/) and a morpho-syntactical questionnaire (topics: adjectives, pronouns, auxiliary selection, pro-drop, complementizers). The data collection was done via linguistic fieldwork interviews and took place between 2014 and 2019.

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Creator Tomaselli, Alessandra; Kruijt, Anne; Alber, Birgit; Bidese, Ermenegildo; Casalicchio, Jan; Cordin, Patrizia; Kokkelmans, Joachim; Padovan, Andrea; Rabanus, Stefan; Zuin, Francesco
Publisher University of Verona
Publication Year 2022
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