Table 3. Numbers of facultative oligotrophic bacteria, obligate oligotrophic bacteria, and eutrophic bacteria, amounts of BOC, and POC, ratio of BOC to POC, and maximal primary production above Gunnerus and Astrid Ridge at 25 m water depth

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Creator Tan, Tjhing Lok; Joiris, Claude R; Glansdorff, Nicolas; Rüger, Hans-Jürgen
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 1999
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Discipline Earth System Research
Spatial Coverage (8.890W, -67.735S, 37.460E, -64.957N); Cosmonauts Sea; Riiser-Larsen Sea; Indian Ocean; Lazarev Sea; South Atlantic Ocean
Temporal Coverage Begin 1990-03-24T18:30:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 1990-04-15T18:55:00Z