Distribution of Upper Cretaceous deep water agglutinated foraminifera in sediments of the North Atlantic and its marginal seas (Tab. 1)


The stratigraphic and biogeographic distribution of more than 170 species of deep-water agglutinated benthic foraminifers (DWAF) from the North Atlantic and adjacent marginal seas has been compared with paleoenvironmental data (e.g. paleobathymetry, oxygenation of the bottom waters, amount of terrigenous input and substrate disturbance). Six general types of assemblages, in which deep water agglutinated taxa occur, are defined from the Turonian to Maastrichtian times:1. High latitude slope assemblages2. Low to mid latitude slope assemblages3. Flysch-type assemblages4. Deep water limestone assemblages (,,Scaglia,,-type)5. Abyssal mixed calcareous-agglutinated assemblages6. Abyssal purely agglutinated assemblagesLatitudinal differences in faunal composition are observed, the most important of which is the lack or extreme paucity of calcareous forms in high latitude assemblages. East-to-west differences appear to be of comparatively minor importance. Most DWAF species occur in all studied regions and are thus considered as cosmopolitan. Biostratigraphic turnovers in the taxonomic content of assemblages are observed in the lowermost Turonian, mid-Campanian and in the upper Maastrichtian to lowermost Paleocene. These datum levels correspond to inter-regional and time-constant paleooceanographic events, which probably also affected the deep-water benthic biota. This allows us to use deep-water agglutinated foraminifers for biostratigraphy in the North Atlantic sequences deposited below CCD and to geographically extend the currently used zonal schemes which have been established in the Carpathian and Alpine areas.

Positions for the non-DSDP/ODP sites are a rough estimation, sampling depth is unknown.

Supplement to: Kuhnt, Wolfgang; Kaminski, Michael Anthony; Moullade, Michel (1989): Late Cretaceous deep-water agglutinated foraminiferal assemblages from the North Atlantic and its marginal seas. Geologische Rundschau, 78(3), 1121-1140

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