Environmental context of all samples from the Tara Oceans Expedition (2009-2013), about nutrients in the targeted environmental feature


The Tara Oceans Expedition (2009-2013) sampled the world oceans on board a 36 m long schooner, collecting environmental data and organisms from viruses to planktonic metazoans for later analyses using modern sequencing and state-of-the-art imaging technologies. Tara Oceans Data are particularly suited to study the genetic, morphological and functional diversity of plankton. The present data set provides environmental context to all samples from the Tara Oceans Expedition (2009-2013), about nutrient concentrations in the targeted environmental feature. Concentrations of nitrite, nitrite+nitrate, phosphate and silicate were determined by ... methods. For each parameter we provide six statistics about all observations that are considered adequate to characterise the targeted environmental feature: number of observations, minimum, first quartile (25 percentile), median, third quartile (75 percentile), and maximum values. Observations were considered adequate if they met the following criteria: <100 km from the sampling location, <2 days from the sampling date/time, and within 10 m of the sampling depth. We also provide the computed distance and date/time lags that were assessed against these criteria. No environmental context is provided when one of these criteria was not met.

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