1) (Figure 3) Monthly interpolated coral Sr/Ca record from Bonaire coral BON-5-A, 120.5 ka


Fossil coral U/Th Age: 120.5 ± 1.1 kyr before the year of measurement (which is AD 2014) / Time period: 14 years around 120.5 ka / Internal chronology starts at base (oldest part) of coral / Data acquired through projects CaribClim (Seasonality and interannual to centennial climate variability in the Caribbean during the last interglacial - Combining coral records, stalagmite records and climate models (CaribClim II)) and Saisonalität und zwischenjährliche Klimavariabilität in der Karibik während des letzten Interglazials rekonstruiert anhand von Korallenzeitreihen.

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Publication Year 2016
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Spatial Coverage (-68.196 LON, 12.137 LAT); Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands