Late Paleocene to early Eocene stable isotope records and calcareous nannofossil datums at IODP Site U1553


In this study, we create a new age model for the high-latitude South Pacific during the late Paleocene to early Eocene (50.5 to 57.5 Ma). We present a bulk sediment δ13C and δ18O record, measured on sediment cores of IODP Expedition 378 at Site U1553 on the Southern Campbell Plateau, south of New Zealand. This new dataset together with the age model enables further studies about high-latitude climate change during high temperature and high CO2 conditions of earth's past. The biostratigraphic data highlights a diachroneity of calcareous nannofossil events between Site U1553 and referenced calcareous nannofossil datums, which were defined at low- to mid-latitude regions (Agnini et al., 2007; Agnini et al., 2014).

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Creator Niederbockstruck, Bryan ORCID logo; Jones, Heather; Yasukawa, K ORCID logo; Raffi, Isabella ORCID logo; Tanaka, E (ORCID: 0000-0001-7726-300X); Westerhold, Thomas ORCID logo; Ikehara, Minoru ORCID logo; Röhl, Ursula ORCID logo
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Publication Year 2024
Funding Reference German Research Foundation Crossref Funder ID 390741603 EXC 2077: The Ocean Floor – Earth's Uncharted Interface; Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Crossref Funder ID 20H02678 Causality between greenhouse world and genesis of a resource for rare-earth elements deciphered by high-precision geochemical analyses and mathematical methods
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