(Table 1) Distribution of planktic foraminifera in sediments from Core AMK4-410GC


Sediments in 36 cores recovered from the rift zone of the Reykjanes Ridge were dated on the basis of planktic foraminifera. Their ratios in samples were used to determine temperature of the water surface layer during the last glaciation. Benthic foraminifera were studied in 12 samples of surface sediments and in five cores, and conclusions made on changes in the bottom water layer from changes in composition of these benthic foraminifera.

Supplement to: Lukashina, Nadezhda P (1985): Stratigraphy of Upper Quaternary sediments from the rift valley of the Reykjanes Ridge (according to foraminiferal analysis). Oceanology, 25(4), 623-629

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