Investigation of crystal and magnetic structures of three polymorphs of Fe2WO6 iron tungstate.


Iron tungstate Fe2WO6 attracts increasing interest in two areas of applications due to its photoelectrochemical behaviour. Fe2WO6 can act either as a photocatalyst for degradation of environmental pollutants or as a photoanode for water oxidation in tandem devices. Recently, some of its magneto-dielectric properties have been reported but its magnetic and electric properties remain nebulous. Indeed, Fe2WO6 iron tungstate exists as three polymorphs and their 3D structures are induced by the cationic ordering. We obtained a complete set of the three polymorphs as single phase products for the first time. By the use of neutron diffraction (10-300 K), we aim to complete the structural models and determine the impact of the structure and cation ordering on the magnetic properties of the three polymorphs vs temperature.

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Creator Dr Benedicte VERTRUYEN; Dr Christine Martin; Dr Nami Matsubara; Mr Stephane Caubergh; Dr Francoise Damay; Dr Pascal Manuel
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2022
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