Middle Miocene stable carbon and oxygen isotopes of coexisting planktic foraminifera species form the eastern Arabian Sea


Tests of planktic foraminifera are important tracers for reconstructing past oceanic environments. It is essential to have accurate information of the habitat depth of the planktic foraminiferal species whose isotopic and elemental signatures are being used to infer past climatic and oceanographic conditions. The planktic foraminifera species Dentoglobigerina altispira is a very common component of Miocene and Pliocene tropical to warm subtropical planktic foraminiferal assemblages but different findings exist about the habitat depth of this species from shallow to deep water. For that reason, comparative stable carbon and oxygen isotope analyses of four coexisting planktic foraminifera species from National Gas Hydrate Program Expedition Site 01 (Site NGHP-01-01A) were performed in order to reconstruct the habitat depth of D. altispira in the eastern Arabian Sea for the middle Miocene (~16-12.5 Ma). The D. altispira oxygen isotope values are on average higher than those of the shallow water reference species Trilobatus sacculifer and Globigerinoides obliquus, but still significantly lower than those for the deeper dwelling species Dentoglobigerina venezuelana. This suggests that D. altispira inhabited a deeper habitat depth than the estimated habitat depth for modern T. sacculifer in the eastern Indian Ocean (~50 m). Paired D. altispira and T. sacculifer Mg/Ca data reveal lower Mg/Ca and thus colder temperatures for D. altispira than for T. sacculifer, suggesting that D. altispira calcified at a greater water depth than T. sacculifer. The data of this study suggest that D. altispira inhabited the lower mixed layer and/or upper thermocline in the eastern Arabian Sea during the middle Miocene.

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