Hydrological, biogeochemical and carbonate system data in coastal waters and in glacier drainage systems in Kongsfjorden (Svalbard), during July-August 2016: sea stations


Oceanographic data were collected in 60 marine stationsinthe inner area ofKongsfjorden, during six oceanographic surveys (24 July -10 August 2016),by means ofCTD downcastsandbottle sampling.CTD profileswere acquired with a Seabird 19plus SeaCATprofiler,equipped with a TURNER Cyclops turbidimeter. Potential temperature (Θ, ITS-90; °C), salinity (Practical Salinity Scale, PSS-78) and potential density anomaly (σΘ, sigma-theta) were calculated according to McDougall et al. (2010).Seawater samples for chemical analyses were collected using 10 L Niskin bottles at 1-7 depths per station, depending on the depth of the station (9-304 m), withamore intensive sampling of upper layer. Samples for the determination of Dissolved Oxygen (DO;μmol L-1) were drawnin 60 mL borosilicate glass bottles and spiked with Winkler reagents.Samples forthe determination ofmacronutrients (nitrate, NO3-; nitrite, NO2-; reactive silicate, Si(OH)4; orthophosphate, PO43-; μmol L-1), Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC, μmol L-1) and Nitrogen (DON, μmol L-1) were syringe filtered withprecombusted (450 °C, 4 h) GF/F filters, placed in acid-washed HDPE vials and stored at -20 °C until analysis.Seawater samples for the determination of pH, dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC; μmol kgSW-1) and total alkalinity (TA; μmol kgSW-1) were collected in borosilicate glass bottles. Sample lids were immediately greased (Apiezon L), sealed with positive pressure on the lid, and stored refrigerated (4 °C) in the dark until analysis. The samples were poisoned with 100 μL HgCl2soln. only if they could not be analysed within 24 hour of the collection (Dickson et al., 2007).

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Spatial Coverage (11.881W, 78.872S, 12.582E, 79.009N)
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Temporal Coverage End 2016-08-10T14:25:00Z