Diatoms in surface water at time series station Helgoland Roads, North Sea, in 1908


The dataset corresponds to the diatom plankton count recorded from 1908 in Helgoland Roads. The original data set was handwritten in paper sheets to be found at the AWI library collection. Original counts were recorded in German as: Selten (s), Vereinzelt (v), Nicht selten (n.s.), Häufig (h), sehr häufig (s.h.) and massenhaft (m). Data was digitized and converted into an English scale and then into numerical data as follows:Not present (-): 0selten (s) - rare (r): 1vereinzelt (v) - occasional (o): 2nicht selteen (n.s.) - not rare (n.r): 3häufig (h) - common (c): 4sehr häufig (s.h.) - very common (v.c): 5massenhaft (m) - mass bloom (m): 6* Cells left in blank correspond to species not found by the time, but encountered later the year

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Spatial Coverage (7.900 LON, 54.188 LAT); German Bight, North Sea
Temporal Coverage Begin 1908-01-03T00:00:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 1908-03-20T00:00:00Z