Residual stress characterisation of flow formed Super CMV steel tubes for potential aeroengine applications


The purpose of the present work is to measure residual stresses at large depths from the surface of flow formed tubes made of a Super CMV steel that has significantly higher strength than the normal CMV steel. Neutron diffraction is ideal for this kind of work and the ENGIN-X beamline is required. This work is complementary to laboratory XRD residual stress measurements, which provide information for the surface of the samples, as well as to hole-drilling measurements. A full characterisation of the residual stresses in three directions across the wall thickness of the tubes will aid in understanding the effects of the various processing stages and conditions on the final mechanical properties of these aircraft engine components. The varying parameters that will be investigated are different wall thickness reductions and a heat treatment aimed at minimisation of residual stresses.

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Creator Dr Joao Quinta da Fonseca; Dr Michael Preuss; Dr Dimitrios Tsivoulas; Mr Arnas Fitzner
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