Turbellaria from mudflats in the Zwin nature reserve (1983-1984)

Inventory of Turbellaria species and examination of the share of Turbellaria in the meiofauna of the Zwin. The data were digitized by VLIZ from the original report: Revis, N. (1984). Studie van de Turbellaria in een slikke van het Zwin. BSc Thesis. Free University of Brussels: Faculty of Science: Brussel.

A total of 29 samples were collected and divided over six sampling locations (Zwin1-Zwin6) between 14 September 1983 and 09 March 1984. The Turbellaria define 1 to 39% of the meiofauna. In total there were 47 species (without Acoela, except <i>P. rubra</i>) found in the Zwin, from which 43 were determined to species level. From those, there is one new for science: <i>Archilopsis arenaria.</i>

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Spatial Coverage (3.357W, 51.358S, 3.373E, 51.367N)
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