Diatom concentrations and fluxes from marine sediment core AMD14-204_CASQ


Relative contribution of the “marginal ice zone”, “drift-ice/pack-ice” and “summer subsurface” diatom indicator groups, diatom valve and Chaetoceros resting spore concentrations (valves or spores/g), diatom valve and Chaetoceros resting spore fluxes (valves or spores/unit surface area/yr), and total diatom fluxes (valves and spores/unit surface area/yr) from the marine sediment core AMD14-204 that was retrieved from the West Greenland shelf, offshore Upernavik, and which spans the last ca. 9,000 years.

Fluxes are calculated as follows:Concentrations (valves/g) x sediment density derived from CT-Scan (HU) x accumulation rate (cm/yr).To avoid confusion, fluxes are expressed as valves per unit of surface area per year in the paper.Trends can be compared, but flux values should not be directly compared with fluxes expressed with other units (e.g., valves/cm²/yr).#0: low counts

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.929455
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