Hydrological, biogeochemical and carbonate system data in coastal waters and in glacier drainage systems in Kongsfjorden (Svalbard), during July-August 2016: small icebergs


Ice samples (1-2 kg) from small icebergs floating in the fjord were collected and returned to the laboratoryin insulated plastic boxes, rinsed with ultra-pure laboratory water and melted in low-density polyethylene bags. The first melt water was discarded, whereas the remaining freshwater was subsampled for the determination of chemical parameters.

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.904170
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Publication Year 2019
Funding Reference Seventh Framework Programme https://doi.org/10.13039/100011102 Crossref Funder ID 603773 https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/603773 Ocean Food-web Patrol – Climate Effects: Reducing Targeted Uncertainties with an Interactive Network
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