Meteorological and soil measurements of the permanent master weather station 33 - Quebrada Grande, Chile


This data link summarizes all meteorological and soil measurements of the permanent master weather station "33- Quebrada Grande" in the Atacama desert in Chile. Master stations are equipped with further soil and radiations sensors, as well as temperature, humidity and wind sensors in a height of 4 m. The measurement site is located in the southern transect of the research regions at the Quebrada Grande. Recent data are available on the weather station website section ( Additionaly, detailed information about the station configuration and mounted sensors is given at this website section. The data of this station is collected every hour by a GOES satellite uplink provided by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (U.S. Department of Commerce). In addition, data stored in the station is acquired on a regular time basis, as documented in the section stated above. Please contact the contributor for all further details. Yearly datasets are additionally stored in this CRC1211-DB.

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Creator Hoffmeister, Dirk
Publisher CRC1211 Database (CRC1211DB)
Contributor Schween, Jan; May, Matthias; Possoch, Marcel; Meine, Lennart; Gröbner, Marie; Steininger, Florian; Wolf, Dennis
Publication Year 2018
Funding Reference Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, CRC 1211
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Discipline Atmospheric Sciences; Geology; Geosciences; Geospheric Sciences; Meteorology; Natural Sciences
Spatial Coverage (-70.279W, -25.092S, -70.279E, -25.092N); Southern focus area