Investigating the correlation between the order-disorder transition in YSr2Cu2CoO7 and electronic conductivity


The effect of order-disorder transitions on the conductivity of oxide ion conducting electrolytes has attracted significant attention in the literature. In contrast there has been less attention paid to the effect on electronic conductivity. In prior work, we observed an interesting phase transition in YSr2Cu2CoO7. At elevated temperatures, X-ray diffraction studies showed that a phase transition from orthorhombic to tetragonal occurs, attributed to the introduction of disorder within the tetrahedral Co layer. Somewhat surprisingly there was a significant jump in the electronic conductivity, along with a significant contraction in the unit cell along the c direction, which is believed to be related to a charge redistribution between the Co and Cu sites. The aim of this experiment is to use the POLARIS in situ conductivity rig to investigate the nature of this transition in more detail.

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Creator Dr Peter Slater; Mr Ben Corrie; Dr Steve Hull; Dr Jose Porras-Vazquez
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