Pore water geochemistry of sediment core GeoB24324-2


The samples are retrieved from sediment core GeoB24324-2 (Brine Pool; 0-445 cm) in the Olimpi mud volcano field, located south of Crete at the Mediterranean Ridge accretionary complex. Major and minor element concentrations were measured at MARUM by ICP-OES and Metrohm ion chromatography and on selected samples. On board, 5 to 10 ml of pore water were extracted from the splitted cores every 5 to 20 cm during using rhizon samplers. Cations (B; Ba; Ca; Fe; K; Li; Mg; Mn; Na; S; Si; Sr) were measured by ICP-OES (Agilent 710 Simultan with a precision of 1%) and anions (F; Cl; Br; SO4) were measured by Metrohm ion chromatography with a precision of <1%.

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.959810
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Publication Year 2023
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