Carbon characteristics of five cores from a terrestrial permafrost area in northeastern Siberia


TC and TN were measured at AWI Potsdam CARLA Laboratory using a vario EL III Element Analyzer. TOC was measured at the same laboratory using a varioMAX C Element Analyzer.δ13C was measured at AWI Potsdam Stable Isotope Laboratory using a Delta V Advantage Isotope Ratio MS supplement equipped with a Flash 2000 Organic Elemental Analyzer.

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Creator Windirsch, Torben ORCID logo; Grosse, Guido ORCID logo; Ulrich, Mathias (ORCID: 0000-0002-1337-252X); Forbes, Bruce C ORCID logo; Göckede, Mathias ORCID logo; Zimov, Nikita S ORCID logo; Macias-Fauria, Marc; Olofsson, Johan ORCID logo; Wolter, Juliane ORCID logo; Strauss, Jens ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2021
Funding Reference Federal Ministry of Education and Research Crossref Funder ID 03F0806A WTZ Großbritannien: CACOON - Veränderung des arktischen Kohlenstoffkreislaufs im küstennahen Ozean; Natural Environment Research Council Crossref Funder ID NE/R012806/1 Changing Arctic Carbon cycle in the cOastal Ocean Near-shore; University of Potsdam Crossref Funder ID PeCHEc Permafrost Carbon Stabilization by Recreating a Herbivore-Driven Ecosystem (Potsdam Graduate School)
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Resource Type Dataset
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Size 400 data points
Discipline Biogeochemistry; Biospheric Sciences; Geosciences; Natural Sciences
Spatial Coverage (161.488W, 68.504S, 161.515E, 68.513N); Cherskiy, Russia
Temporal Coverage Begin 2019-03-11T12:04:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 2019-07-13T10:22:00Z