ATP, chlorophyll a, and size structure of phytoplankton in seawater at stations in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean


Chlorophyll "a" and adenozine triphosphate (ATP) concentrations together with size structure of microplankton were investigated in January-April 1989 in the Indian Ocean and in the Weddell Sea. ATP values varied from 11 to 92 ng/l, and chlorophyll "a" concentrations varied from 0.04 to 0.27 µg/l in the Indian Ocean, with prevailing nanoplankton and picoplankton fractions. Both ATP and chlorophyll "a" concentrations increased 2 times to the south of 40°S; in the Weddell Sea they exceeded 400 ng/l and 0.6 µg/l, respectively. Cells of nanophytoplankton and microphytoplankton (mainly diatoms) prevailed in size spectra. Spatial variabilities of the parameters were within one order of magnitude; their values decreased 3-4 times during 1 month. Size structure changed due to increased portion of nanoplankton and picolankton. ATP concentrations in the photic layer (0-200 m) varied from 31.96 mg/m2 in February to 8.02 mg/m2 in March to April. ATP concentrations were 61.5 and 98.8 mg/m**2 at depths of 4200 and 4700 m, respectively.

Supplement to: Lopukhin, A S (1993): Weddell Sea microplankton (Antarctica): Concentration of intracellular adenozine triphosphate and chlorophyll a: size spectra of parameters. Oceanology, 33(3), 320-328

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