Replication Data for: WHOIS Right? An Analisis of WHOIS and RDAP Consistency


This data was collected during the research work that led to the publication of the article "WHOIS Right? An Analysis of WHOIS and RDAP Consistency", published at Passive and Active Measurements 2024. To compare the consistency of registration data accross the WHOIS and RDAP data sources, we selected a random subset of 55M domain names that had both WHOIS and RDAP entries, we collected and parsed their multiple entries.

This dataset contains the collected parsed data of this study: 156M parsed WHOIS and RDAP entries, across 55M domains.

Python, 3

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Contributor Fernandez, Simon; Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble; Entrepôt-Catalogue Recherche Data Gouv
Publication Year 2024
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Contact Fernandez, Simon (LIG ; Grenoble INP, UGA ; France- UGA)
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