Sr-Nd isotopes and organic geochemistry from IODP Site U1456 in the eastern Arabian Sea since 700 ka


Site U1456 (location: 16°37.28′N, 68°50.33′E; length: 1109.4 m) was drilled at a water depth of 3640 m within the Laxmi Basin in the eastern Arabian Sea duirng International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Expedition 355. We here focus on the upper 82.02 m core composite depth below seafloor (CCSF) at Site U1456, deposited since ~700 ka. Sr-Nd isotopic compositions of the clay-sized detrital sediment fractions (12 samples) and concentrations of the total organic carbon (TOC, 101 samples), total nitrogen (TN, 101 samples), and biogenic silica (BSi, 101 samples) were analyzed using a thermal ionization mass spectrometer (Phoenix), a Carlo Erba Elemental Analyzer (1108), a CO2 Coulometer (CM5014), and a wet alkaline extraction method.

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