Record of dinocyst assemblage compositions from sediment core GeoB19927-3 during the Holocene


The dataset contains abundances of dinoflagellate cysts (dinocysts) from sediment samples from sediment core GeoB19927-3 (73°35,26' N, 58°05,66' W) located in Southern Melville Bay (Baffin Bay). The dataset covers the depth interval between 760-0 cm top depths, corresponding to 7.7 kyrs BP – present. The core was taken at 932 meters of water depth by gravity coring during cruise MSM44 in 2015 (Dorschel et al., 2016). The core consists of 1147 cm of sediment. For dinocyst analysis, it was sub-sampled every centimetre within the top 25 cm, every 5 cm within the 25 cm to 280 cm interval and every 10 cm within the 280 cm to 760 cm interval, including 124 samples. Sample processing followed the procedure for palynological preparation described in Vernal et al. (2010). The taxonomy of dinocysts used here was based on Rochon et al. (1999) and de Vernal et al. (2020). At least 300 dinocyst specimens were counted per sample when possible. For samples with low dinocyst abundance as many specimens as possible were enumerated. In the sample with lowest dinocyst abundance, 89 specimens were counted. The chronology has been provided by Saini et al. (2020).

Project, funding: This study is a contribution of the International Research Training Group "Processes and Impacts of Climate Change in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Canadian Arctic" (ArcTrain), which was supported jointly by the German Research Foundation (DFG) (IRTG 1904) and by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). We also acknowledge the support from the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et Technologie (FRQNT).

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