Composition of free lipids in bottom sediments in the tropical West Pacific and South Atlantic


Contents of free lipids in the upper layers of slightly siliceous diatomaceous oozes from the South Atlantic and of calcareous foraminiferal oozes, of coral sediments and of red clays from the western tropical Pacific amount varies from 0.014 to 0.057% of dry sediment. Their content is inversely proportional to total content of organic matter. Relative content of low-polar compounds in total amount of lipids and content of hydrocarbons, fatty acids, and sterols in the composition of these compounds can serve as an index of degree of transformation of organic matter in sediment because these compounds are resistant to various degree to microbial and hydrolytic decomposition and, consequently, are selectively preserved under conditions of biodegradation of organic compounds during oxydation-reduction processes.

0 = not found. >0 = traces.

Supplement to: Belyaeva, Alexandra N (1974): Composition of free lipids in bottom sediments of the tropical West Pacific Ocean and South Atlantic Ocean. Oceanology, 14(1), 59-64

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Spatial Coverage (-45.800W, -57.158S, 147.833E, 13.517N); Bay of Longemak (Papua New Guinea); Western Caroline Basin; Sulu Sea; Western Mariana Basin