Trawlings during TITANIT cruise TIT1, Part II


The fish catches were carried out by the industrial midwater non-closed trawl. There was a small-mesh section with minimum mesh size of 6.5 mm in the trawl bag. Vertical opening of the trawl made from 26 to 42 m. The trawling duration under catches in the sound-scattering layers made 1 hour, under fish schools catches - from 40 min up to 2 hours and 20 min. Speed of trawling made 3.2-4.2 knots. The catches horizons were determined by the state of sound-scattering layers and fish schools. At night they carried out catches usually in the upper 0-90 m layer, in some cases to 150 m. At the day time they trawled at a range of 15-410 m depths. Each catch was weighted. Fish was determined up to the lowest taxonomic ranks - species, in some cases - genus. Total number and mass of each species in a catch, and average dry mass of one specimen of a species were determined. The standard fish body length (SL) was measured in mm (from the tip of snout to the basement of the middle rays of the caudal fin). The samples were fixed in 10% buffered formaldehyde for further processing in the IBSS laboratories.

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Creator Piontkovski, Sergey; Boltachev, A R
Publisher PANGAEA
Contributor Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Sevastopol
Publication Year 2008
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Spatial Coverage (-22.900W, -22.500S, 10.700E, 3.400N); South Atlantic Ocean
Temporal Coverage Begin 1984-01-08T10:00:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 1984-03-29T08:20:00Z