Abundance and biomass of phytoplankton in the western part of the Black Sea during Branimir Ormanov cruise BO091999 in September 1999


The samples were concentrated down to 50 cm**3 by slow decantation after storage for 20 days in a cool and dark place. The species identification was done under light microscope OLIMPUS-BS41 connected to a video-interactive image analysis system at magnification of the ocular 10X and objective - 40X. A Sedgwick-Rafter camera (1ml) was used for counting. 400 specimen were counted for each sample, while rare and large species were checked in the whole sample (Manual of phytoplankton, 2005). Species identification was mainly after Carmelo T. (1997) and Fukuyo, Y. (2000). Total phytoplankton abundance was calculated as sum of taxon-specific abundances.The cell biovolume was determined based on morpho-metric measurement of phytoplankton units and the corresponding geometric shapes as described in detail in (Edier, 1979). Total phytoplankton biomass was calculated as sum of taxon-specific biomasses.

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Spatial Coverage (28.000W, 42.830S, 29.330E, 43.370N); Black Sea
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