Macrozoobenthos abundance of the intertidal zone of a sandy beach at the Island Algodoal-Maiandeua, Pará, Brazil


The present study describes quantitatively the macrozoobenthic community structure in intertidal of the Island Algodoal-Maiandeua in the Northern Brazilian state of Pará, which is part of a protected area since 1990. Samples of the epi-and endomacrobenthos of the unconsolidated substrate were collected in October 2012, using a PVC cylindrical corer with a surface area of 60 square centimeter at a depth of 30 cm, along three transects located perpendicular to the coastline, separated by intervals of 50 m. Collected material was sieved on a 1 mm mesh, specimens were fixed in 4% formaldehyde buffered with borax. In Tropical Benthic Ecology laboratory macroinvertebrates were washed with 70% alcohol and afterwards identified with a stereomicroscope and specific literature.

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