Composition of Fe-Mn nodules and crusts from the Cape Basin


Facies zonation of the Cape basin with respect to Fe-Mn nodules based on data from Cruise 43 of R/V Akademik Kurchatov and published data is presented. Three facies regions are distinguished: the southern end of the Walvis Ridge and seamounts, the continental slope of the Southwest Africa and the deep-water Cape Basin. Iron-manganese nodules in the first of these areas are predominantly sedimentary, those in the second area are diagenetic and those in the third are sedimentary-diagenetic. Chemical characteristics and type of metallogenic specialization for each of the regions are identified.

Supplement to: Levitan, Mikhail A (1988): Iron-manganese nodules of the Cape Basin. Oceanology, 28(3), 359-362

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Spatial Coverage (4.005W, -36.512S, 11.365E, -26.715N); Cape Basin
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