Distribution of ostracod species at IODP Site 347-M0060


A total of 50 sediment samples from the upper 25.5 mcd were processed for ostracod analysis at IODP site M0060. All abundances are expressed as single ostracod valves. Additionally, organic Carbon data are shown. The species are listed in the order of increasing salinity and water depth based on published ecology data (Frenzel et al., 2010): columns J-K - freshwater and oligohaline coastal taxa; columns L-O - oligohaline and euryhaline (taxa found in a wide range of salinities from oligohaline to mesohaline, polyhaline and euhaline), very shallow and shallow water; columns P-V - meso- to euhaline taxa, very shallow and shallow, coastal and open sea; columns W-AF - meso to euhaline taxa, shallow-water to deep, open sea; columns AG-AI - poly and euhaline deep-water open sea taxa; columns AJ-AY - euhaline deep-water open sea taxa.

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Spatial Coverage (11.670W, 56.620S, 11.671E, 56.620N); Baltic Sea, Kattegat
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