Aggregation effects on long length scales in solutions for organic photovoltaic devices


Solar cell materials are routinely used in many applications and many studies are ongoing which have three principle objectives. To increase the efficiency, reduce the cost of production and increase the lifetime of the device. In organic solar cells the efficiency can be increased by using an additive .However in organic photovoltaics what the use of additives does to the underlying structure is not well understood. However the solutions do form aggregates which evolve on the timescale of several hours. In our proposed study we will measure the large scale aggregate structure. This in concert with ongoing small angle neutron scattering and optical measurements will allow us to investigate the local structure and emission energies.

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Creator Dr Roger Pynn; Dr Gabriel Bernardo; Dr Adam Washington; Dr Steven Parnell; Ms Stephanie Burg; Dr Andrew Parnell; Mr Juan Enciso; Dr Nicola Nadeau
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2021
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