Hydrographical, biogeochemical and biooptical water properties in the Mackenzie Delta Region during 4 expeditions from spring to fall in 2019


This dataset contains hydrographical, biogeochemical and bioptical data from four field campaigns to the Mackenzie Delta region from spring to fall in 2019. Focus of the sampling was put on surface waters to compare with satellite imagery and capture the signal of the Mackenzie River water throughout the coastal waters of the Beaufort Sea. The water samples for the biogeochemical data were taken using pumps or niskin bottles. The repeated sampling focused on the two main outflow regions of the Mackenzie River: Shallow Bay and Mackenzie Bay in the west and Kugmallit Bay in the east as well as on the river channels across the delta. Most sampling locations were revisited four times. Sampling during different seasons was extremely challenging in this region due to uncertain ice cover and broken ice fields during and after ice break-up. Additionally, very shallow water (<5 m) mandates the use of small draught boats, which was challenging under frequently harsh weather conditions. To tackle these challenges, various sampling platforms were used such as small boats, trucks, ski-doos and hovering helicopter. The campaigns were carried out under the umbrella of the EU Horizon 2020 project Nunataryuk.

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.937587
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Publication Year 2021
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