Investigating variation of back stress in 316H during high temperature asymmetric cyclic loading - Part 1


Deformation in polycrystalline material is inhomogeneous. Our previous study using neutron diffraction has shown due to these inhomogeneities, during high temperature cyclic loading in power plant operations, internal stresses are generated in 316H stainless steel which opposes the applied external stress, termed as back stress. The concept of back stress and its effect on deformation of material during cyclic loading is widely accepted. In the proposed experiment, the link between the macroscopic back stress and microscopic intergranular stress will be investigated by simulating real life plant operation loading conditions (asymmetrical cyclic loading). The outcome of the experiment will contribute both to understanding and validating analytical model of back stress during cyclic loading and also to improving lifetime assessment code for the power plants of EDF energy.

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Creator Mr ANAS ACHOURI; Dr Joe Kelleher; Professor John Bouchard; Dr Richard Moat; Dr Abdullah al Mamun
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2018
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