Deglacial geochemical evidence of meltwater drainage into the Arctic from the Mackenzie Delta and Amundsen Gulf


In this dataset we present new high resolution Pb isotope data alongside elemental concentration and ARM (anhysteretic remanant magnetization) data for four core sites in the arctic Mackenzie Delta area as well as the Amundsen Gulf. Cores were recovered with a piston corer during USCGC Healy cruise HLY1302. Cores are characterized by high sedimentation rates of up to 1 m/ka and reach back until 15 ka and therefore the late Heinrich Stadial 1. We also provide radiocarbon ages for sediment cores JPC-19 and JPC-9. With these high resolution records of the deglacial period we are capable to trace meltwater drainage of the decaying Laurentide Ice Sheet with a more or less pronounced Lake Agassiz source.The isotopic compositions were measured with a Neptune Plus at GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany. Also at the GEOMAR, the elemental composition has been measured with an Agilent 7500 cx ICP-MS-Quadrupole.Radiocarbon ages were measured at the LARA laboratory at the University of Bern, Switzerland, with an MICADAS AMS. Dates given here are uncalibrated 14C ages.

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