(Table 2) Species composition of agglutinated foraminifers from the abyssal zone of the Pacific Ocean


The quantitative study of distribution and taxonomic composition of recent living and dead (without plasma) benthic foraminifers revealed three foraminiferal assemblages in bottom sediments of the Pacific Ocean at depths of 3350 to 4981 m. The assemblage dominated by epibenthic Lagenammina difflugiformis, Reophax dentaliniformis, and Saccorhiza ramose occupies slopes of underwater hills. The assemblage with a high share of infaunal Cribrostomoides subglobosum, C. nitidum, and Ammobaculites agglutinans is registered on an abyssal plateau. The assemblage with a significant proportion of large Astrorhiza and Reophax species, which are characterized by active way of life, populates gentle slopes and narrow depressions with potentially strong bottom currents.

0 means presence of species in samples with total content of foraminifers less than 100 specimens.

Supplement to: Burmistrova, Irina I; Khusid, Tatyana A; Belyaeva, Natalia V; Chekhovskaya, Maria P (2007): Agglutinated abyssal foraminifers of the Equatorial Pacific. Oceanology, 47(6), 824-832

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