Study of the vibrational properties of homologous bioprotectant disaccharides as obtained by different preparative methods


The innovative research field on glass forming systems having bioprotective action has been originated from a growing demand from many biotechnological industrial research laboratories to improve the quality and safety of high added-value products and to develop new technologies of stabilization and conservation. We propose to perform Inelastic Neutron Scattering measurements on trehalose, maltose and sucrose samples obtained by different preparative methods (cooling, direct low temperature solid state vitrification and lyophilisation) by using the TOSCA spectrometer at T=20K. The objective of the proposed experiment is to study the vibrational properties of disaccharide samples obtained by using different preparative methods to determine their amorphisation degree and then to elucidate the effect of the sample preparation procedure on their bioprotective effectiveness.

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Creator Professor Federica Migliardo; Dr Frederic Affouard
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Publication Year 2013
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