Polarimetric phase-sensitive radar measurements at EastGRIP drill site, 2019


Polarimetric phase-sensitive Radio Echo Sounder (PpRES) measurements at EastGRIP drill site on the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream. PpRES_CL are measurements from the science trench next to the core location (CL) roughly 8 m below the surface. The other measurements (PpRES_GRID_C, PpRES_GRID_N, PpRES_GRID_E, PpRES_GRID_S and PpRES_GRID_W) were performed within a 20x20 m^2 grid (named GRID) approximately 360 m from the drill site. The transmitting and the receiving antenna of PpRES_CL were aligned with vertical polarisation (VV) at an azimuthal angle of roughly 258° clockwise to magnetic North (283° true North). The antennas of GRID-measurements were aligned at an azimuthal angle of roughly 168° clockwise to magnetic North (193° true North). The file names include the degree of the measurement representing the orientation of the antennas (clockwise rotation) to the originally pointed angle. The referenzed figure visualises all antenna orientations along with two types of notation. Data were measured in the field by Ole Zeising and Angelika Humbert. Data has been acquired at the EastGRIP camp that kindly hosted this activity as an associate project. EastGRIP is directed and organized by the Centre for Ice and Climate at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. It is supported by funding agencies and institutions in Denmark (A. P. Møller Foundation, University of Copenhagen), USA (US National Science Foundation, Office of Polar Programs), Germany (Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research), Japan (National Institute of Polar Research and Arctic Challenge for Sustainability), Norway (University of Bergen and Trond Mohn Foundation), Switzerland (Swiss National Science Foundation), France (French Polar Institute Paul-Emile Victor, Institute for Geosciences and Environmental research), Canada (University of Manitoba) and China (Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Normal University). If you have questions, please contact Ole Zeising (ole.zeising@awi.de) or co-authors.

Coordinates: Name,Latitude,LongitudePpRES_CL,75.63119,-35.99345 PpRES_GRID_C,75.62929,-35.98162 PpRES_GRID_N,75.62942,-35.98153 PpRES_GRID_E,75.62928,-35.98109 PpRES_GRID_S,75.62918,-35.98171 PpRES_GRID_W,75.62931,-35.98208

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Spatial Coverage (-35.993W, 75.629S, -35.981E, 75.631N); Greenland