Percentages of pollen data from late MIS 6 to MIS 1 from Füramoos, Southern Germany


High-resolution palynological data (taxa and groups) from the Füramoos peat bog. The data span from the latest Rissian glaciation (MIS 6) to the present (MIS 1) at an average temporal resolution of ~230 years and are given as percentages and a depth and age scale. The data highlight the presence of several forest expansions and contractions associated with Greenland Interstadials / Dansgaard-Oeschger Events during MIS 3 and 4. Interglacials (MIS 1 and 5e) are characterized by the establishment of a dense temperate forest and the Early Glacial (MIS 5d-5a) is marked by a persistent boreal forest.Pollen data from the Late Glacial and Holocene (14.5 - 0 ka BP) has been incorporated from Kern et al. (2021).

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Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2021
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Size 57240 data points
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Spatial Coverage (9.887 LON, 47.991 LAT); Füramoos, Germany