Discarge compilation from The Global River Discharge (RivDIS) Project


The Global River Discharge (RivDIS) data set contains monthly discharge measurements for 1018 stations located throughout the world. The period of record varies widely from station to station, with a mean of 21.5 years. These data were digitized from published UNESCO archives by Charles Voromarty, Balaze Fekete, and B.A. Tucker of the Complex Systems Research Center (CSRC) at the University of New Hampshire.River discharge is typically measured through the use of a rating curve that relates local water level height to discharge. This rating curve is used to estimate discharge from the observed water level. The rating curves are periodically rechecked and recalibrated through on-site measurement of discharge and river stage.

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.859439
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Creator Vörösmarty, Charles J; Fekete, B M; Tucker, B A
Publisher PANGAEA
Contributor Distributed Active Archive Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Publication Year 1998
Funding Reference Fifth Framework Programme https://doi.org/10.13039/100011104 Crossref Funder ID EVK3-CT-2001-20001 https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/EVK3-CT-2001-20001 European Co-ordination on Mediterranean and Black Sea Prodeltas; Sixth Framework Programme https://doi.org/10.13039/100011103 Crossref Funder ID 36949 https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/36949 Southern European Seas: Assessing and Modelling Ecosystem Changes
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Size 1035 datasets
Discipline Earth System Research
Spatial Coverage (-178.500W, -47.350S, 176.730E, 72.120N); Bukit Timah Canal, Singapore, Asia; A La Baleine, Canada, North America; Kola, Russia, Europe; Grande, Bolivia, South America; Ghibe, Ethiopia, Africa; W Acaponeta, Mexico, North America; Salado, Argentina, South America; Tym, U.S.S.R., Asia; Usa, U.S.S.R., Europe; Shebelle., Somalia, Africa; Gin Ganga, Sri Lanka, Asia; Rogue, Oregon, U.S.A., North America; Toa, Cuba, North America; Kor, Iran, Asia; Sabarmat, India, Asia; Karun, Iran, Asia; Sebou, Morocco, Africa; El Abid, Morocco, Africa; Ecuador; Chenab, India, Asia; Ilek, U.S.S.R., Asia; Kara-Turgay, U.S.S.R., Asia; Nera, U.S.S.R., Asia; Krishna, India, Asia; Tuxpan, Mexico, North America; Guadalquivir, Spain, Europe; Gorouol, Niger, Africa; Southern Bug, Ukrainian S.S.R., Europe; Maly Uzen, U.S.S.R., Europe; Tano, Ghana, Africa; Skjern, Denmark, Europe; Red, Louisiana, U.S.A., North America; Natashquan, Canada, North America; Orange, South Africa, Africa; Tejo, Portugal, Europe; Guacalate, Guatemala, North America; Xingu, Brazil, South America; Mississippi, Illinois, U.S.A., North America; Bahr Azoum, Chad, Africa; Mahavavy Nord, Madagascar, Africa; Mandare, Madagascar, Africa; Betsiboka, Madagascar, Africa; Sepik, Papua New Guinea, Oceania; Rhiou, Algeria, Africa; Harricana, Canada, North America; Ozat, India, Asia; Teesta, India, Asia; Beni, Bolivia, South America; Reventazon, Costa Rica, North America; Comoe, Ivory Coast, Africa; Hanjiang, China, Asia; Niger, Mali, Africa; Mananjary, Madagascar, Africa; Ikopa, Madagascar, Africa; Mures, Romania, Europe; Pampanga, Philippines, Asia; Medveditsa, U.S.S.R., Europe; Arys, U.S.S.R., Asia; Winisk, Canada, North America; Wainganga, India, Asia; Doring, South Africa, Africa; Nile, Egypt, Africa; Gudena, Denmark, Europe; Paraguay, Paraguay, South America; La Villa, Panama, North America; Mono, Benin, Africa; Attawapiskat, Canada, North America; Indus, Pakistan, Asia; Androscoggin, Maine, U.S.A., North America; Awash, Ethiopia, Africa; Godavary, India, Asia; Babol, Iran, Asia; Diani, Guinea, Africa; Seli, Sierra Leone, Africa; Noun, Cameroon, Africa; Komadougou, Niger, Africa; Tigris, Iraq, Asia; Sebaou, Algeria, Africa; Brahmaputra, Bangladesh, Asia; Bubu, Tanzania, Africa; St. John, Liberia, Africa; Senegal, Senegal, Africa; Shebelle, Somalia, Africa; Clutha, New Zealand, Oceania; Grande Riviere, Canada, North America; Tay, United Kingdom, Europe; Moy, Ireland, Europe; Blackwater, Ireland, Europe; Enne, Ireland, Europe; Grande De Tarcole, Costa Rica, North America; Black Volta, Ghana, Africa; Wardha, India, Asia; MBomou, Central African Republic, Africa; Oubangui, Central African Republic, Africa; Mangoky, Madagascar, Africa; Hron, Czechoslovakia, Europe; Jhelum, India, Asia; Brahmani, India, Asia; Mekrou, Benin, Africa; Rhine, Switzerland, Europe; Ouham, Central African Republic, Africa; Tungabhadra, India, Asia; Andanan, Philippines, Asia; Grand River South, Mauritius, Africa; Riviere La Chaux, Mauritius, Africa; Rhone, France, Europe; Ouse, United Kingdom, Europe; Limpopo, Zimbabwe, Africa; Limpopo, South Africa, Africa; Riviere Seche, Mauritius, Africa; Atrato, Colombia, South America; Dniester, U.S.S.R., Europe; Huaihe, China, Asia; Isser, Algeria, Africa; Berounka, Czechoslovakia, Europe; Thelon, Canada, North America; Severn River, United Kingdom, Europe; Danube, Yugoslavia, Europe; Mazowe, Zimbabwe, Africa; Kennebec, Maine, U.S.A., North America; Columbia, Canada, North America; Belaya, U.S.S.R., Europe; Nelson, Canada, North America; Loire, France, Europe; Umbeluzi, Mozambique, Africa; Adige, Italy, Europe; Spey, United Kingdom, Europe; Usumacinta, Mexico, North America; Vitim, U.S.S.R., Asia; Lule, Sweden, Europe; Pearl, Lousiana, U.S.A., North America; Orinoco, Venezuela, South America; Dongjiang, China, Asia; Logone, Chad, Africa; Ouémé, Benin, West Africa; Ogooue, Gabon, Africa; Prado, Columbia, South America; MPoko, Central African Republic, Africa; Sakarya, Turkey, Asia; Marahoue, Ivory Coast, Africa; Melah, Algeria, Africa; Chari, Chad, Africa; Suwannee, Florida, U.S.A., North America; Assiniboine, Canada, North America; Minab, Iran, Asia; Danube, Czechoslovakia, Europe; Congo, Congo, Africa; Du Petit-Mecatina, Canada, North America; Bandama, Ivory Coast, Africa; Semborg, Malaysia, Asia; Amguema, U.S.S.R., Asia; Pungoe, Mozambique, Africa; Tuba, U.S.S.R., Asia; Manafwa, Uganda, Africa; Po, Italy, Europe; Colorado, Argentina, South America; Amga, U.S.S.R., Asia; Maipo, Chile, South America; Magdalena, Columbia, South America; Bayano, Panama, North America; Coahuayana, Mexico, North America; Jalaur, Philippines, Asia; Tabasara, Panama, North America; Paraiba do Sul, Brazil, South America; Candelaria, Mexico, North America; La Antiqua, Mexico, North America; Sarapiqui, Costa Rica, North America; Yukon, Canada, North America; Agno, Philippines, Asia; Cowlitz, Washington, U.S.A., North America; Paiva, Portugal, Europe; Danube, Romania, Europe; Manicouagan, Canada, North America; Aux Outardes, Canada, North America; Escambia, Florida, U.S.A., North America; Maya, U.S.S.R., Asia; Rhone, Switzerland, Europe; Chu, U.S.S.R., Asia; Amu-Darya, U.S.S.R., Asia; Ottawa, Canada, North America; Apalachicola, Florida, U.S.A., North America; Genale, Ethiopia, Africa; Desna, Ukrainian S.S.R., Europe; Cho-Shui, China, Asia; Mekong, Thailand, Asia; Mbewe, Malawi, Africa; South Rukuru, Malawi, Africa; Luombe, Zambia, Africa; Copper, Alaska, U.S.A., North America; Imcomati, Mozambique, Africa; Limpopo, Mozambique, Africa; Vorona, U.S.S.R., Europe; Peribonca, Canada, North America; Caniapiscau, Canada, North America; George, Canada, North America; Selenga, Mongolia, Asia; Alabama, Alabama, U.S.A., North America; Burdekin, Australia, Oceania; Snake, Washington, U.S.A., North America; South Nahanni, Canada, North America; Mississippi, Iowa, U.S.A., North America; Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A., North America; Mosel, Germany, Europe; Mondego, Portugal, Europe; Lempa, El Salvador, North America; Armeria, Mexico, North America; Baker, Chile, South America; Trent, United Kingdom, Europe; Araguaia, Brazil, South America; Uruguay, Argentina, South America; Sabi, Zimbabwe, Africa; Victoria, Australia; Ord, Australia, Oceania; Grande, Nicaragua, North America; Kootenai, Canada, North America; Rapel, Chile, South America; St. Lawrence, Canada, North America; Mono, Togo, Africa; Coco, Nicaragua, North America; Parana, Argentina, South America; Kuskokwin, Alaska, U.S.A., North America; Missouri, Montana, U.S.A., North America; Pra, Ghana, Africa; Gongola, Nigeria, Africa; Black Volta, Burkina Faso, Africa; Moulouya, Morocco, Africa; Changjiang, China, Asia; Western Dvina, U.S.S.R., Europe; Chirigui, Panama, North America; Vaal, South Africa, Africa; Oum er Rebia, Morocco, Africa; Elbe, Czechoslovakia, Europe; Back, Canada, North America; North Saskatchewa, Canada, North America; Nyong, Cameroon, Africa; St. Johns, Florida, U.S.A., North America; Bio Bio, Chile, South America; Kansas, Kansas, U.S.A., North America; Jokulsa, Iceland, Europe; White, Arkansas, U.S.A., North America; Diarha, Senegal, Africa; Bafing, Mali, Africa; Fitzroy, Australia, Oceania; Langat, Malaysia, Asia; Baoule, Mali, Africa; Dnieper, Ukrainian S.S.R., Europe; Pende, Chad, Africa; Altamaha, Georgia, U.S.A., North America; Maboa, Sierra Leone, Africa; Wabi-Shebelle, Ethiopia, Africa; Taedonggang, Korea, Asia; Dowga, Nigeria, Africa; Nile, Sudan, Africa; Nyanga, Congo, Africa; Drava, Yugoslavia, Europe; Vjose, Albania, Europe; Lofa River, Liberia, Africa; Bani, Mali, Africa; Olenek, U.S.S.R., Asia; Euphrates, Iraq, Asia; Kalinadi, India, Asia; Zerafshan, U.S.S.R., Asia; Krian, Malaysia, Asia; Yana, U.S.S.R., Asia; Sanaga, Cameroon, Africa; Santiago, Mexico, North America; Guasare, Venezuela, South America; San Juan, Nicaragua, North America; Yuna, Dominican Republic, North America; Yaqui, Mexico, North America; La Pasion, Guatemala, North America; Yaque del Sur, Dominican Republic, North America; Dulce, Argentina, South America; Sogamoso, Columbia, South America; Tuy, Venezuela, South America; Umpqua, Oregon, U.S.A., North America; Tercero, Argentina, South America; Tekeze, Ethiopia, Africa; Red, Canada, North America; Buzi, Mozambique, Africa; Neches, Texas, U.S.A., North America; Faleme, Mali, Africa; Ganga, India, Asia; Paraguay, Brazil, South America; Rio Grande, Jamaica, North America; Mazafran, Algeria, Africa; Vaga, U.S.S.R., Europe; Slave, Canada, North America; Cavally, Ivory Coast, Africa; Wharfe, United Kingdom, Europe; Omakere, New Zealand, Oceania; Liard, Canada, North America; Muzizi, Uganda, Africa; Nkussi, Uganda, Africa; Mackenzie, Canada, North America; Porcupine, Alaska, U.S.A., North America; Ngounie, Gabon, Africa; Minho, Portugal, Europe; Senegal, Mali, Africa; Corrib, Ireland, Europe; Baro, Ethiopia, Africa; Nkeni, Congo, Africa; Koliba, Guinea, Africa; Tana, Kenya, Africa; Benoue, Cameroon, Africa; Narmada, India, Asia; Kargat, U.S.S.R., Asia; Niger, Niger, Africa; Zor Creek, Liberia, Africa; Mejerdah, Tunisia, Africa; Ghezalozan, Iran, Asia; Kelani Ganga, Sri Lanka, Asia; Wabi Shebelle, Ethiopia, Africa; Gods River, Canada, North America; Nahr Aouk, Central African Republic, Africa; Gorgan Rud, Iran, Asia; Wujiang, China, Asia; Eastman, Canada, North America; Sankarani, Mali, Africa; Gambie, Senegal, Africa; Mbam, Cameroon, Africa; Grande Riviere, Guadalope, North America; Odra, Poland, Europe; Cauvery, India, Asia; Red of the North, North Dakota, U.S.A., North America; Grand River, Michigan, U.S.A., North America; Cumberland, Kentucky, U.S.A., North America; Saint Maurice, Canada, North America; Las Conchas, El Salvador, North America; Churchill, Canada, North America; Hudson, New York, U.S.A., North America; Green, Utah, U.S.A., North America; Parana, Brazil, South America; Yonding, China, Asia; Kelantan, Malaysia, Asia; Geum, Korea, Asia; Kamtehiya, Bulgaria, Europe; Songhuajiang, China, Asia; Merguellil, Tunisia, Africa; Barada, Syrian Arab Republic, Asia; Arnaud, Canada, North America; Maritza, Bulgaria, Europe; Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., North America; Albany, Canada, North America; Yiluo, China, Asia; Tauri, Papua New Guinea, Oceania; Beijiang, China, Asia; Missouri, Missouri, U.S.A., North America; Yodo, Japan, Asia; Danube, Germany, Europe; Fraser, Canada, North America; Halil Rud, Iran, Asia; Chimehuin, Argentina, South America; Koyukuk, Alaska, U.S.A., North America; Nyanga, Gabon, Africa; Loudima, Congo, Africa; Yenisei, Siberia, Russia; Vuoksi, Finland, Europe; Humboldt, Nevada, U.S.A., North America; Han, Korea, Asia; Agus, Philippines, Asia; Kizilirmak, Turkey, Asia; San Pablo, Panama, North America; Weser, Germany, Europe; Cagayan, Philippines, Asia; Ishikari, Japan, Asia; Perak, Malaysia, Asia; Saguenay, Canada, North America; Tocantins, Brazil, South America; Piaxtla, Mexico, North America; Jequitinhonha, Brazil, South America; Sewa, Sierra Leone, Africa; Sinaloa, Mexico, North America; Niger, Nigeria, Africa; Joumine, Tunisia, Africa; White Nile, Sudan, Africa; Zerqa, Jordan, Asia; Ganjiang, China, Asia; Songhua, China, Asia; Nag Dong, Korea, Asia; Assi, Syrian Arab Republic, Asia; Zangzagang, Korea, Asia; Sevier, Utah, U.S.A., North America; Sao Francisco, Brazil, South America; Mellegue, Tunisia, Africa; Mahanadi, India, Asia; Hutt, New Zealand, Oceania; Drin, Albania, Europe; Yukon, Alaska, U.S.A., North America; Cuyuni, Guyana, South America; Gwaai, Zimbabwe, Africa; Penzhina, U.S.S.R., Asia; Kafu, Uganda, Africa; Trengganu, Malaysia, Asia; Mile, Guinea, Africa; Nyabarongo, Rwanda, Africa; Malwattu Oya, Sri Lanka, Asia; Tapi, India, Asia; Teesta, Bangladesh, Asia; Niari, Congo, Africa; Kazan, Canada, North America; Euphrates (Firat), Turkey, Asia; Boudouaou, Algeria, Africa; Kotto, Central African Republic, Africa; Blue Nile (Abbay River), Ethiopia, Africa; Blue Nile, Sudan, Africa; Gunt, U.S.S.R., Asia; Djoui, Congo, Africa; Faleme, Senegal, Africa; Shannon, Ireland, Europe; Atbara, Sudan, Africa; Foulakary, Congo, Africa; Comba, Congo, Africa; Zaire, Zaire, Africa; Tone, Japan, Asia; Viatka, U.S.S.R., Europe; Ussuri, U.S.S.R., Asia; Klamath, California, U.S.A., North America; Main, Germany, Europe; Kamchatka, Russia; Devolli, Albania, Europe; Subarnarekha, India, Asia; Aux Melezes, Canada, North America; Casamance, Senegal, Africa; Khasyn, U.S.S.R., Asia; Amur, U.S.S.R., Asia; Oka, U.S.S.R., Europe; Kolab, India, Asia; Niger, Guinea, Africa; Struma, Bulgaria, Europe; Klang, Malaysia, Asia; Amnokgang, Korea, Asia; Iskar, Bulgaria, Europe; Waitaki, New Zealand, Oceania; Ural, U.S.S.R., Asia; Lena, U.S.S.R., Asia; Podkamennaya Tung, U.S.S.R., Asia; Waiau, New Zealand, Oceania; San Cristobal, Cuba, North America; Neveri, Venezuela, South America; Escalante, Venezuela, South America; Paz, El Salvador, North America; Viego, Nicaragua, North America; Papagayo, Mexico, North America; San Juan, Argentina, South America; Cauca, Columbia, South America; Lagarfljot, Iceland, Europe; Wina, Cameroon, Africa; Blue Nile, Ethiopia, Africa; Bouregreg, Morocco, Africa; Marowijne, Suriname, South America; Stour, United Kingdom, Europe; Pecos, Texas, U.S.A., North America; Rio Grande, Texas, U.S.A., North America; Panuco, Mexico, North America; Grande de San Mig, El Salvador, North America; Tehuantepec, Mexico, North America; Ameca, Mexico, North America; Santa Catalina, Mexico, North America; Cortzacoalcos, Mexico, North America; Chixoy, Guatemala, North America; Colorado, Arizona, U.S.A., North America; Liffey, Ireland, Europe; Great River, Jamaica, North America; Tryggevalde, Denmark, Europe; Cape Fear, North Carolina, U.S.A., North America; Severn, Canada, North America; Colorado, U.S.A., North America; Maas, Netherlands, Europe; Arkansas, Arkansas, U.S.A., North America; Shire, Malawi, Africa; Velika Morava, Yugoslavia, Europe; Ivindo, Gabon, Africa; Lobva, U.S.S.R., Asia; Murray, Australia, Oceania; Santa Isabel, Bolivia, South America; San Diego, Cuba, North America; Ohio, Kentucky, U.S.A., North America; Platte, Nebraska, U.S.A., North America; Merrimack, Massachussets, U.S.A., North America; Luanhe, China, Asia; Kara-Samur, U.S.S.R., Asia; Juba, Somalia, Africa; Sado, Portugal, Europe; Cobres, Portugal, Europe; Odelouca, Portugal, Europe; Saint John, Canada, North America; Goulbi de Maradi, Niger, Africa; Madelena, Azores, Oceania; Maputo, Mozambique, Africa; Unzha, U.S.S.R., Europe; Coppename, Surinam, South America; Cabuz, Guatemala, North America; North Pacific Ocean; Niger, Benin, Africa; Linthipe, Malawi, Africa; Vychegda, U.S.S.R., Europe; Khilok, U.S.S.R., Asia; Mezen, U.S.S.R., Europe; Markha, U.S.S.R., Asia; Cross, Cameroon, Africa; Mahaweli Ganga, Sri Lanka, Asia; Beas, India, Asia; Tugela, South Africa, Africa; Oti, Togo, Africa; Manyame, Zimbabwe, Africa; Manyinga, Zambia, Africa; Yarmouk, Jordan, Asia; Marbel, Philippines, Asia; Oyapock, Guyana, South America; Mananara, Madagascar, Africa; Bobos, Mexico, North America; Garonne, France, Europe; Tuma, Nicaragua, North America; Lusiwasi, Zambia, Africa; Jucar, Spain, Europe; St. Lawrence, New York, U.S.A., North America; Bravo, Mexico, North America; Corantijn, Surinam, South America; Manas, India, Asia; Nueces, Texas, U.S.A., North America; Pampana, Sierra Leone, Africa; Zambeze, Mozambique, Africa; Djerem, Cameroon, Africa; Rwizi, Uganda, Africa; Lobaye, Central African Republic, Africa; Victoria Nile, Uganda, Africa; Athabasca, Canada, North America; South Saskatchewa, Canada, North America; Nkam, Cameroon, Africa; Pascagoula, Missisippi, U.S.A., North America; Ohio, Illinois, U.S.A., North America; Cleddau, New Zealand, Oceania; Tontouna, New Caledonia, Oceania; Juramento, Argentina, South America; Pasaje, Argentina, South America; Brito, Nicaragua, North America; Ceyhan, Turkey, Asia; Ouergha, Morocco, Africa; Moa, Sierra Leone, Africa; Caledon, Lesotho, Africa; Bahr Sala, Chad, Africa; Makhaleng, Lesotho, Africa; Bahr el Jabel, Sudan, Africa; Ouachita, Louisiana, U.S.A., North America; Moose, Canada, North America; Motagua, Guatemala, North America; Morava, Czechoslovakia, Europe; Ruvu, Tanzania, Africa; La Rioja, Cuba, North America; Daly, Australia, Oceania; Pripiat, Byelorussian S.S.R., Europe; Wabash, Illinois, U.S.A., North America; Jollie, New Zealand, Oceania; Great Ruaha, Tanzania, Africa; Mico, Nicaragua, North America; Ravi, India, Asia; Delgermuren, Mongolia, Asia; Yeong San, Korea, Asia; Barranca, Costa Rica, North America; Danube, Hungary, Europe; Chao Phraya, Thailand, Asia; Yujiang, China, Asia; Ncema, Zimbabwe, Africa; Erzeni, Albania, Europe; Kafue, Zambia, Africa; Alexander, Israel, Asia; Sorek, Israel, Asia; Missouri, Nebraska, U.S.A., North America; Waveney, United Kingdom, Europe; Pennar, India, Asia; De Rupert, Canada, North America; Tanana, Alaska, U.S.A., North America; Pend Oreille, Washington, U.S.A., North America; Waikato, New Zealand, Oceania; Ntem, Cameroon, Africa; Niaoule, Senegal, Africa; Niokolo-Koba, Senegal, Africa; Nitra, Czechoslovakia, Europe; Makona, Guinea, Africa; Tweed, United Kingdom, Europe; Neva, U.S.S.R., Europe; Anadyr, U.S.S.R., Asia; Mwambeshi, Zambia, Africa; Jai Bhoreili, India, Asia; Nyabodi, Zimbabwe, Africa; Amazonas, Brazil, South America; Jordan, Israel, Asia; Conchos, Mexico, North America; Shinano, Japan, Asia; Porcupine, Canada, North America; Moutere, New Zealand, Oceania; Chambeshi, Zambia, Africa; Olonka, U.S.S.R., Europe; Sugoy, U.S.S.R., Asia; Grande Riviere De, Canada, North America; Terek, U.S.S.R., Europe; Piarnu, U.S.S.R., Europe; Orkhon, Mongolia, Asia; Nene, United Kingdom, Europe; Bakoye, Mali, Africa; Tinkisso, Guinea, Africa; Rhumel, Algeria, Africa; Mina, Algeria, Africa; Sangha, Congo, Africa; Groot-Vis, South Africa, Africa; Lake Victoria, Uganda, Africa; Tsehlanyane, Lesotho, Africa; Negro, Argentina, South America; Limay, Argentina, South America; Tennessee, Kentucky, U.S.A., North America; Wanganui, New Zealand, Oceania; Ganges, Bangladesh, Asia; Bundoya, Sierra Leone, Africa; Negro, Uruguay, South America; Grande de Terraba, Costa Rica, North America; Yaque del Norte, Dominican Republic, North America; Humaya, Mexico, North America; Limari, Chile, South America; Brahmaputra, India, Asia; Hilabangan, Philippines, Asia; Chenab, Pakistan, Asia; Papaloapan, Mexico, North America; Shkumbini, Albania, Europe; Seine, France, Europe; Indrawati, India, Asia; Saskatchewan, Canada, North America; Chiriqui Viejo, Panama, North America; Verde, Mexico, North America; Neuquen, Argentina, South America; Peace, Canada, North America; Vouga, Portugal, Europe; Artibonito, Dominican Republic, North America; Pee Dee, South Carolina, U.S.A., North America; Aux Feuilles, Canada, North America; Pelly, Canada, North America; Bocono, Venezuela, South America; San Juan, Colombia, South America; Vaigai, India, Asia; Kymi, Finland, Europe; Ishim, U.S.S.R., Asia; Aricuaisa, Venezuela, South America; Tafna, Algeria, Africa; Santee, South Carolina, U.S.A., North America; Cauca, Colombia, South America; Periyar, India, Asia; Essequibo, Guyana, South America; Lar, Iran, Asia; Douro, Portugal, Europe; St. John, Canada, North America; Zayandeh Rud, Iran, Asia; Tisza, Hungary, Europe; Deep River, Mauritius, Africa; Konkoure, Guinea, Africa; Tamega, Portugal, Europe; Shafa-Rud, Iran, Asia; Onega, U.S.S.R., Europe; Chehalis, Washington, U.S.A., North America; Parnaiba, Brazil, South America; Madeira, Brazil, South America; Cazones, Mexico, North America; Mutare, Zimbabwe, Africa; Ankobra, Ghana, Africa; Ramis, Peru, South America; Santa, Peru, South America; Arauca, Venezuela, South America; Meta, Colombia, South America; Masparro, Venezuela, South America; Patia, Columbia, South America; Chira, Peru, South America; Tocuyo, Venezuela, South America; Uribante, Venezuela, South America; Rio Uruguay, Uruguay, South America; Guadiana, Portugal, Europe; Kalu Ganga, Sri Lanka, Asia; Moisie, Canada, North America; Niagara, Canada, North America; Loa, Chile, South America; Chinko, Central African Republic, Africa; Hagari, India, Asia; Johore, Malaysia, Asia; Selengor, Malaysia, Asia; Don, U.S.S.R., Europe; Rhine, Germany, Europe; Grisalva, Mexico, North America; Tecolutla, Mexico, North America; Damodar, India, Asia; Riviere des Creol, Mauritius, Africa; Brazos, Texas, U.S.A., North America; James, Virginia, U.S.A., North America; Grande, Panama, North America; Roanoke, North Carolina, U.S.A., North America; Damuji, Cuba, North America; Trinity, Texas, U.S.A., North America; Tiber, Italy, Europe; Sabine, Texas, U.S.A., North America; Akagera, Rwanda, Africa; Oti, Ghana, Africa; Sacramento, California, U.S.A., North America; Rioni, U.S.S.R., Asia; Ob, U.S.S.R., Asia; Willamette, Oregon, U.S.A., North America; Sangha, Central African Republic, Africa; Uruguay, Uruguay, South America; Iguacu, Brazil, South America; Rompido de Samari, Mexico, North America; Pur, U.S.S.R., Asia; Namgang, Korea, Asia; Salado, Cuba, North America; Apure, Venezuela, South America; Santa Maria, Panama, North America; Fonce, Columbia, South America; Fuerte, Mexico, North America; San Pedro, Mexico, North America; San Pedro, Guatemala, North America; Huanghe, China, Asia; Anabar, U.S.S.R., Asia; Somes, Romania, Europe; St. Marys, Canada, North America; Limnitis, Cyprus, Asia; Cestos, Liberia, Africa; Inn, Austria, Europe; Eel, California, U.S.A., North America; Senqu, Lesotho, Africa; Olfusa, Iceland, Europe; Sassandra, Ivory Coast, Africa; Volta, Ghana, Africa; Chikugo, Japan, Asia; Tisza, Yugoslavia, Europe; Nura, U.S.S.R., Asia; Mahi, India, Asia; Kirenga, U.S.S.R., Asia; Mati, Albania, Europe; Nass, Canada, North America; Cheliff, Algeria, Africa; Zeroud, Tunisia, Africa; Bouselam, Algeria, Africa; Yellowstone, Montana, U.S.A., North America; Seom Jin, Korea, Asia; Boyne, Ireland, Europe; Winnipeg, Canada, North America; Neman, U.S.S.R., Europe; Buyuk Menderes, Turkey, Asia; Glomma, Norway, Europe; Angerman, Sweden, Europe; Dja, Cameroon, Africa; Biryugang, Korea, Asia; Nottaway, Canada, North America; Northern Sosva, U.S.S.R., Asia; Kouilou, Congo, Africa; Rio Cobre, Jamaica, North America; Protva, U.S.S.R., Europe; Thompson, Canada, North America; Kolyma, Russia; Sava, Yugoslavia, Europe; Tamiraparn, India, Asia; Guantamo, Cuba, North America; Volga, U.S.S.R., Asia; Rufiji, Tanzania, Africa; Bicol, Philippines, Asia; Nickerie, Surinam, South America; Suchiate, Mexico, North America; Tapi, Thailand, Asia; Kura, U.S.S.R., Asia; Kalaus, U.S.S.R., Europe; Kilombero, Tanzania, Africa; Ateato, Colombia, South America; Kemi, Finland, Europe; Bhima, India, Asia; Tamarindo, Nicaragua, North America; Mississippi, Missisippi, U.S.A., North America; Manganui, New Zealand, Oceania; Wisla, Poland, Europe; Buller, New Zealand, Oceania; Thames, United Kingdom, Europe; Stikine, Canada, North America; Pahang, Malaysia, Asia; Columbia, Oregon, U.S.A., North America; Thiokoye, Senegal, Africa; Connecticut, Connecticut, U.S.A., North America; Kuban, U.S.S.R., Europe; Ponnaiyar, India, Asia; Lundi, Zimbabwe, Africa; Tom, U.S.S.R., Asia; Ebro, Spain, Europe; Sehnkwehn, Liberia, Africa; Trang, Thailand, Asia; Delaware, New Jersey, U.S.A., North America; Arkansas, Oklahoma, U.S.A., North America; Iya, U.S.S.R., Asia; Jizera, Czechoslovakia, Europe; Syr-Darya, U.S.S.R., Asia; Guavio, Colombia, South America; Mun, Thailand, Asia; Bolshoi Yugan, U.S.S.R., Asia; Tola, Mongolia, Asia; Ulba, U.S.S.R., Asia; Kobdo, Mongolia, Asia; Desaguadero, Bolivia, South America; Taw, United Kingdom, Europe; Kerulen, Mongolia, Asia; Drini i Zi, Albania, Europe; Osumi, Albania, Europe; Thjorsa, Iceland, Europe; Vorotan, U.S.S.R., Asia; Karatal, U.S.S.R., Asia; Skeena, Canada, North America; Northern Dvina, U.S.S.R., Europe; Petchora, U.S.S.R., Europe; Selemdhza, U.S.S.R., Asia; Vannern - Gota, Sweden, Europe; San Joaquin, California, U.S.A., North America; Ems, Germany, Europe; Tamampaya, Bolivia, South America; Pilcomayo, Bolivia, South America; Nizaito, Dominican Republic, North America; Duero, Spain, Europe; Save, Mozambique, Africa; Villanueva, Nicaragua, North America; Volga, U.S.S.R., Europe; Indigirka, U.S.S.R., Asia; Purari, Papua New Guinea, Oceania; Saint Paul, Liberia, Africa; Potomac, D.C., U.S.A., North America; Maumec, Ohio, U.S.A., North America; Umshagashi, Zimbabwe, Africa; Zambia, Zambia, Africa; Souris, Canada, North America; Penobscot, Maine, U.S.A., North America; Colorado, Texas, U.S.A., North America; Selwyn, New Zealand, Oceania; Canadian, Oklahoma, U.S.A., North America; Ayensu, Ghana, Africa; Elbe, Germany, Europe; Dee, United Kingdom, Europe; Fox, Wisconsin, U.S.A., North America; Xijiang, China, Asia; Bug, Poland, Europe; Wouri, Cameroon, Africa; White Volta, Burkina Faso, Africa; Missouri, South Dakota, U.S.A., North America; White Volta, Ghana, Africa; Chi, Thailand, Asia; Sodusu, Korea, Asia; Euphrates, Syria, Asia; Kem, U.S.S.R., Europe; Bermejo, Argentina, South America; Jinghe, China, Asia; NZi, Ivory Coast, Africa; Vasilikos, Cyprus, Asia
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