(Table 1) Thickness of the Holocene layer and sedimentation rates in the Atlantic Ocean


On the basis of planktonic foraminifera study, thickness of Holocene sediments has been ascertained in 60 sediment cores from various regions of the Atlantic Ocean. Ratios of species reflect warming of the upper water layer at the Pleistocene-Holocene boundary over the entire ocean. The Holocene boundary can be determined not only from microfaunal data, but also from lithologic ones including textural and structural features. Increase in CaCO3 contents in Holocene sediments as compared to Pleistocene is from 5-7% to 60-70% in different parts of the ocean.

Supplement to: Barash, Max S; Lavrov, Vadim M (1977): On the thickness of the Holocene sediments within the bottom deposits of the Atlantic Ocean. Oceanology, 17(2), 172-176

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