Single prokaryotic cell abundances of the Northeast Greenland (NEG) shelf sediments from POLARSTERN cruise PS109


Samples for single cell abundances as an estimate for the abundance of benthic bacteria on the Northeast Greenland shelf have been collected with R/V Polarstern during PS109 between September and October 2017 using a camera-equipped multiple corer (TV-MUC; core area 0.007 m²). Upon arrival on deck, the upper 5 cm of three MUC cores were sliced into 1 cm layers with a 10 ml cut-off syringe. 2 ml of each slice was transferred into a scintillation vial and fixed with 2 % filtered formaldehyde-seawater solution. In the laboratory, the samples were diluted, filtered through polycarbonate filters (0.2 µm, Whatman Nucleopore Track-Etch Membrane) and stained with a 0.001 % acridine orange solution after Hobbie et al., 1977 (doi:10.1128/aem.33.5.1225-1228.1977). Cells were counted on at least 30 grids (125 µm * 125 µm area) for 2 replicate filters per sample each with a Zeiss Axiophot microscope (Germany) and a 100x oil immersion objective lens (Zeiss Plan-Apochromat, Germany).

Single cell abundances were calculated with the following equation:single cell abundance (cell number ml-1 sediment-1) = average cell count * (filtration funnel area/grid area) * dilutionwherefiltration funnel area = 203077576 µm²grid area = 15625 µm²dilution=4830 µl

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Publication Year 2024
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