Unmodified foraminiferal raw eDNA data in form of 'reads' with ASV, OTU and taxonomic assignations from sediment surface samples at stations REF, IF20-12, IF20-10, IF20-18, IF20-01 and IF20-04


The eDNA analysis was done using a DNeasy® PowerLyzer PowerSoil Kit (QIAGEN), processed using the DADA2 pipeline and the taxonomic assignations were estimated using a sequence bank at ID-Gene ecodiagnostics lab in Geneva Switzerland.

DOI https://doi.pangaea.de/10.1594/PANGAEA.965589
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Creator O'Brien, Phoebe Alexandra Joy ORCID logo; Barrenechea Angeles, Ines ORCID logo; Cermakova, Kristina; Jarrossay, Renaud; Polovodova Asteman, Irina ORCID logo
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Publication Year 2024
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Spatial Coverage (11.212W, 59.051S, 11.406E, 59.114N); Idefjorden, Sweden
Temporal Coverage Begin 2020-11-10T00:00:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 2020-11-11T00:00:00Z