Geochemical parameters of sediments and waters in areas of ocean barrier zones


Geochemical barrier zones play an important role in determining various physical systems and characteristics of oceans, e.g. hydrodynamics, salinity, temperature and light. In the book each of more than 30 barrier zones are illustrated and defined by physical, chemical and biological parameters. Among the topics discussed are processes of inflow, transformation and precipitation of the sedimentary layer of the open oceans and more restricted areas such as the Baltic, Black and Mediterranean Seas.

Supplement to: Emelyanov, Emelyan M (1998): Bar'ernye Zony v Okeane (Barrier Zones in the Ocean). Yantarny Skaz (Kaliningrad), 416 pp

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Spatial Coverage (-32.620W, -34.980S, 20.014E, 55.953N); Angola Basin; Namibian shelf; Baltic Sea; Mediterranean Sea; East Equatorial Atlantic; East Atlantic; Benguela Upwelling
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