(Table 2) Abundance of the detected intact polar lipids (IPL) in surface and subsurface sediments during R/V Pelagia cruise PASOM in January 2009

  • abundance per gram dry weight; 0 = not detected- DH isomers were detected as a GDGT with a glycosidically-bound hexose moieity on both ends of the core (I) and with one glycosidically-bound dihexose moiety on one end (II). - HCP is an IPL-type with an ether-bound cyclopentanetetraol moiety on one end and an hexose moiety on the other (previously reported as GDNT; e.g. De Rosa and Gambacorta, 1988; Sturt et al., 2004).
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Spatial Coverage (62.895W, 21.927S, 64.040E, 22.548N); Northern Arabian Sea
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