Diversity and distribution of pelagic copepods in the oligotrophic blue water of the south Pacific subtropical gyre


The data set compiles counts of pelagic copepods species collected by vertically stratified hauls with an electronic Multinet Hydrobios (200 μm and 0.25 m-2) in five depth layers (0-100, 100 - 200, 200 - 400, 400 - 600 and 600 - 800 m). Copepods were sorted, identified and counted under microscopes stereoscope and compound. The identification of species was based on specialized bibliography and databases (Nishida, 1985; Campos-Hernandez and Suarez-Morales, 1994; Bradford-Grieve et al., 1999; Boxshall and Hasley, 2004; Razouls et al., 2005-2019).

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Publication Year 2020
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Spatial Coverage (-107.565W, -27.012S, -98.648E, -26.566N); Southeast Pacific
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