Radionuclides and chronology of short sediment cores BY and ASH from the Israel inner Mediterranean shelf


Depth sections of two short sediment cores were analyzed in the Radioactivity measurements Laboratory at the University of Bremen by gamma spectrometry to determine the activities of natural and artificial gamma emitting radionuclides. The core chronology was based on a combination of two radiotracers, 210Pb and 137Cs, due to their suitable half-lives 22.2 and 30 years. A robust time-frame will enable to track the rapid changes in the sedimentation pattern of the Nile River along a S-N gradient observed in the cores GC and BC as a part of the project Rapid changes along the Israeli Mediterranean coast following the damming of the Nile and their influence on the Israeli inner shelf. In order to understand causes of recent sharp changes in sedimentation pattern on the inner Israeli shelf, dating of cores collected in the region is important.

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Publication Year 2023
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Spatial Coverage (34.514W, 31.707S, 34.805E, 32.375N); Ashqelon; Bet Yanai