Phospholipid fatty acids of sediment push cores during SONNE cruise SO242/2


During RV SONNE cruise SO242/2 (September 2015) to the DISCOL site in the Peru Basin (SE Pacific) push cores of sediment were taken in the abyssal plains with ROV Kiel 6000 (GEOMAR). The sediment cores were sliced in 0-2 and 2-5 cm intervals and stored frozen until further processing ashore. In the lab on land, sediment samples were freeze-dried, ground to fine powder, phospholipid-derived fatty acids (PLFAs) in the sediment were extracted following the Bligh and Dyer method and they were measured on a gas chromatograph coupled with an isotopic ratio mass spectrometer (EA-c-IRMS).

Parameters #12-73: µg C/g dry mass sediment

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